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Do you love the taste of pizza, but looking for something a little bit different? If so, calzones and strombolis are a delicious way to mix up your Italian meal. But do you know what the differences between these two popular Italian dishes actually are? Read on to learn about how calzones and strombolis differ in terms of ingredients, presentation and flavor. You might just find yourself adding one or both of these tasty treats to your regular dinner menu!

What is stromboli?

What is stromboli?
What is stromboli?

Stromboli is a type of Italian sandwich that originates from the island of Stromboli off the coast of Sicily. It is typically prepared with a thin pizza dough crust, filled with various cheeses, meats and vegetables such as salami, ham and peppers. The stromboli is then rolled up into a log-like shape and cooked in a hot oven.

What is calzone?

What is calzone?
What is calzone?

A calzone is another Italian dish which also features a thin pizza dough crust, but instead of being rolled up like the stromboli, it is folded in half over the ingredients creating a crescent-shaped pocket. Calzones are typically filled with cheese, ricotta, marinara sauce and any other desired toppings such as pepperoni or mushrooms.

What are the similarities of calzone and stromboli

What are the similarities of calzone and stromboli
What are the similarities of calzone and stromboli

The first similarity between these two Italian dishes is the type of dough they use, which is a thin pizza dough. Both are also filled with cheese and include toppings such as pepperoni, ham and vegetables. Additionally, both calzones and strombolis are cooked in a hot oven.

Difference between calzone and stromboli

Stromboli and calzones make for really fun, delicious food choices. Stromboli is typically shaped like a cylinder and served in larger portions compared to the more pocket-like shape of calzones that are generally smaller servings. Additionally, there are some slight variations when it comes to each dish’s fillings!

Difference between calzone and stromboli
Difference between calzone and stromboli

The Dough Shape and Size

A stromboli and a calzone may look quite similar, but they have noteworthy differences. To make an unforgettable stromboli, pizza dough is rolled out into a large rectangular shape – fillings are added on top before it’s folded or rolled up like a letter! Once this larger-than-life treat has been baked to perfection you can slice it for sharing with friends. On the other hand, when crafting the classic calzone its small or medium ball of pizzeria goodness gets stretched and shaped roundwise — after adding your favorite toppings one half is then carefully tucked in under itself so that plenty of flavor stays enclosed inside during baking .

The Sealing Technique

The delicious stromboli and calzone represent two sides of the same coin. On one side, a natural crimped seal is created with no assistance from extra ingredients; on the other, an egg wash can help to fasten together all that hot filling inside for maximum flavor containment! Plus, choose either option if you want some vents added in – perfect for evoking those start-of-summer vibes when your pie comes out steaming!

The Origin

Stromboli and calzones may look similar, but they have very different history. Calzones come to us from the streets of Naples, Italy as a handheld treat. Meanwhile strombolis can be traced back right here in the good ole USA—originating within the Italian-American community in South Philadelphia! The vibrant neighborhood has long been known for its delicious delis, markets and restaurants making it an obvious birthplace for this classic dish beloved by many today!

The Tomato Sauce

Pizza and its delicious cousins, calzones and strombolis – each with their own distinctions! You won’t find a typical marinara spread used in the classic pizza fashion on either of these delectable dishes. Calzones are served up warmly alongside an aromatic tomato dipping sauce while some people prefer to leave it out or serve it separately when they’re munching down on a tasty stromboli!

The Fillings

To create a truly unique Italian feast, you can choose between two classic dishes: stromboli and calzones. Both are stuffed with various combinations of meats and veggies that transform into heavenly pockets of flavor! But the real distinguishing difference lies in the cheese – ricotta for your calzone or mozzarella (plus another low-moisture type) for your stromboli? The possibilities are endless – why not explore some exotic meat/veggie combos to really spice things up? Whatever filling combination you decide on, an amazing culinary experience awaits!

How It’s Made

Delicious calzones and stromboli can be baked or fried into a tasty treat! If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try panzerotti- small deep-fried pockets of cheesy goodness sure to satisfy any craving.

The Serving Size

Stromboli has the advantage of being a sharable snack, packed with delicious fillings to share amongst friends. On the other hand, calzones offer an ideal single-serving meal that can be enjoyed as an on-the go lunch or dinner without having to break out plates and cutlery.

Conclusion: difference between calzone and stromboli

Calzones and strombolis are two beloved Italian dishes that share a lot of commonalities. While their dough shapes, sealing techniques, and fillings may be different, they both make for tasty meals or snacks! Whether you’re looking for an individual-sized serving or something to share amongst friends, these classic pies have something for everyone! Whatever you decide, these dishes are sure to transport you back to the ole country with every bite. Buon appetito!

FAQs: calzone and stromboli

Is a calzone and a stromboli the same thing?

Calzones and strombolis are like bookends in the world of handheld Italian snacks. A calzone is tucked together, resembling a neat taco; while its counterpart, the stromboli wraps up ingredients much like you’d find inside a burrito’s tortilla blanket. So when your food cravings call for something fast but flavorful, don’t forget to look both ways before deciding between these two!

Which has sauce calzone or stromboli?

Enjoy a taste of Italy with the classic dishes, calzone and Stromboli. The main distinction lies in their sauces – while the sauce is baked inside for Stromboli, it’s served on the side as a dipping option when ordering calzones. Plus these two treats have different places of origin! Enjoy both to experience an authentic Italian culinary adventure!

Is a calzone bigger than a stromboli?

Create an instant party appetizer with a delicious stromboli! Start by rolling out the pizza dough into a large, rectangular shape. Add all your favorite toppings and then fold it over like a letter for one recipe presentation or roll it up around the fillings to create something unique – just make sure you bake as one piece before cutting into slices so everyone can get their share of this crowd-pleasing treat!

Does stromboli or calzone have ricotta?

Calzones and stromboli offer a similar flavor but are made using different types of cheese. Ricotta is used in calzones to provide an elastic texture, while mozzarella helps keep moisture away from the dough inside when making stromboli so it can cook through properly. Whether you prefer one over the other or enjoy them both – they’re always delicious!

Is a calzone just a folded pizza?

A Calzone is a delicious pizza-inspired treat that perfectly combines the classic flavors of pizza in an easy to eat pocket. Enjoy your favorite toppings wrapped up neatly, with no mess and maximum flavor!

What is typically in a stromboli?

Stromboli, the classic Italian treat created from succulent bread dough and filled with a tantalizing combination of mozzarella cheese, meats or vegetables. A delicious cross between pizza and calzone – Stromboli is sure to please any palate!

Is stromboli just a rolled up pizza?

Enjoy the flavors of pizza at home in an easy and fun new way with stromboli! This delicious Italian classic is made by rolling out pizza dough into a rectangle, adding your favorite sauce, meats and cheese for savory flavor. Roll it up tight to make sure all those yummy ingredients are tucked away safely inside – then give the roll some attractive slats before popping it into the oven for baking! Serve steaming hot for everyone to enjoy this homemade mealtime treat.

What is a stromboli called in Italy?

An undeniably Sicilian staple, the stromboli was inspired by its namesake – a volcanic island off the coast of Sicily. This Italian classic is similar to other popular dishes like calzone and scaccia, though it’s unique enough that only true connoisseurs can tell them apart!

Is a stromboli rolled or folded?

Stromboli and calzone are two delicious Italian treats, which can be told apart by their shape: stromboli has a rectangular dough that is carefully rolled up then sealed shut for cooking, while the classic calzone features a round piece of pastry folded in half like an envelope before it’s fried or baked.

Is stromboli also considered a calzone?

Enjoy a delicious twist on Mexican favorites with calzones and strombolis! A calzone closely resembles the classic taco, but instead of being folded into triangles they’re shaped like half-moons. On the other hand, stromboli are rolled up just like burritos – perfect for taking your dinner to go.

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